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Written for the Lombard Spectator Community Voice section

The Importance of Swim Lessons

Paradise Bay Water Park has opened its gates for the season. The five pools are full of water, the slides are waxed, and the chairs and umbrellas are up. Staff is trained and fully ready to provide a summer of swimming, relaxation, sunshine and memories. Swimming is a skill that is taught to children much like riding a bike, often by a parent, sometimes by an older sibling or friend. While early exploration of swimming is important in skill development and providing an environment for the child to become comfortable in and near water, there are some things they will most likely only learn in lessons. There are always associated risks with swimming pools, water parks, and any body of water, however, swim lessons provide education and foster a safe environment to learn to swim and help minimize the risk. Not only do lessons help keep children and adults safe, they provide so much more.

Lessons build confidence and calm fears. Starting as early as the Parent & Tot level, students practice water adjustment, blowing bubbles, kicking, water entry, and pool safety. Each level thereafter becomes more and more involved. In level 7, participants learn to become a competitive swimmer and perfect strokes. Having the knowledge early on helps lessen the fears associated with water. Lessons tend to build confidence because participants graduate to a new level when all skills in the previous level have been mastered.

Lessons keep kids active. They provide instruction and then participants are able to practice their skills at the pool throughout the summer. Swimming is a great exercise, it’s fun, and becomes a hobby or even competitive sport for many.

Lessons teach lifesaving skills. All participants learn pool safety. As early as level three, participants start to learn lifesaving skills such as rescue breathing, basic first aid, and backboard-assisted rescues. These skills can save a life when at a place such as a backyard pool, lake or pond where lifeguards are not on duty.

Learn to swim this summer and keep perfecting those skills! Swimming and lessons are a great way to stay healthy, feel safe and confident near the water, and have a fun summer at the pool.

Paradise Bay Water Park is participating in the “World’s Largest Swim Lesson on June 18 from 10-11 a.m. World Waterpark Association sponsors this free event as aquatic facilities all over the world participate to break a Guinness World Record.

Regular swim lessons begin on June 8 with morning and evening options available at Paradise Bay Water Park, 437 St. Charles Road, Lombard. For additional information, visit