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Lombard Garden Club presents donation for Monarch Waystations

Jun 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

The Lombard Park District would like to take an opportunity to thank the Lombard Garden Club for their donation of $450. Presented by Garden Club Member, Rose Roth, at the June 28, 2016 Board Meeting, the donation helps fund signage and certification for the Monarch Waystations found in 13 of our parks.

According to, during the fall season, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico and California until springlike conditions arrive. The Monarch Waystations are habitats that contain milkweed, which provides resources necessary for spring and summer breeding. The nectar provides energy for their migration. Unfortunately, the milkweed habitats remaining in fields, pastures, prairies, and grasslands is not sufficient to sustain the large monarch population. Providing waystations helps increase the milkweed population, which in turn provides conservation and continuation for the Monarch Butterfly.