Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Providing quality recreation opportunities for people to enjoy life.

Our Vision & Values

The vision and values of the Lombard Park District is pursuant to policies, procedures, and day-to-day operations as characterized through Public Trust, Environmental Preservation, Human Dignity, Recreation Opportunities and Customer Satisfaction:

Public Trust

Demonstration of fiscal responsibility.
Employ competent and responsive personnel.
Include citizen participation in the decision-making process.
Guided by and committed to the democratic process.
Provide visionary leadership.
Policy governance and non-interference of politics.

Environmental Preservation

Preserve and maintain open space.
Positive sensitivity towards environmental issues.
Efficient management of natural resources.
Aesthetic enhancement of the whole community.
Provide leadership in environmental education.

Human Dignity

Promise and enforce non-discriminatory practices.
Honor open lines of communication.
Accent honesty, mutual trusts and respect.
Provide moral integrity within its decisions.
Encourage freedom and expression.
Maintain positive employer/employee relationships.

Recreation Opportunities

Promote physical, mental, and personal well-being.
Provide opportunities for social interaction.
Offer a broad spectrum of programs, facilities and services.
Emphasize leisure education as well as personal enjoyment.
Provide methods to evaluate, improve and enhance services.

Customer Satisfaction

Identify, meet and exceed customer expectations.
Provide positive, courteous and friendly experiences.
Provide an organized, clean and safe environment for all users.
Provide responsive, timely and consistent service.
Quality will not be compromised at the expense of quantity.
Demonstrate integrity through “Satisfaction Guaranteed”