Lombard Park District is offering an opportunity for players of all ages to participate in esports! Rocket League, available now in partnership with GGLeagues, is a recreational esports league based in Chicago.

GGLeagues is an esports tournament platform that specializes in working with organizations to set up and run their esports leagues. GGLeagues provides esports leagues and infrastructure to empower communities with the goal of connecting gamers with each other. GGLeagues has worked with universities, park districts and cities all across the U.S. and is proud to be partnering with the Lombard Park District to offer esports leagues to its community!

Rocket League is a video soccer game held in a virtual stadium featuring rocket-powered cars playing in a challenging, fast-paced soccer contest with elements of a demolition derby. Participants in Lombard Park District’s league must form a team of three or more. The league will run for five weeks of play and conclude with playoffs in week six.

Please note: Players must own Rocket League and have the ability to play to online matches on any approved platform: PC (Steam), XBox (Xbox Live), Playstation (Playstation Plus), and Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Online).

Fee: $25 per player, paid via GGLeague’s website