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Memorial Gift Tree

Lombard Park District initiated the Memorial Gift Tree program in 1974 to provide people with the opportunity to plant Memorial Gift Trees for their loved ones and to commemorate events and occasions. The park district also offers custom-engraved Memorial Gift Bricks in the historic Lilacia Park. Pairing a Memorial Plaque in conjunction with a Memorial Gift Tree is one of our most popular options, contact for more information. 

Tree Types, Pricing & Availability

Tree selections are subject to approval by Lombard Park District. Tree prices vary based on the current season, the size of the tree and tree availability at our nursery. For more information or to check on tree availability, please contact Jane Burke at

Please note: tree availability inquiries may take up to 5-7 business days to be addressed.

Planting Times

Due to tree availability and opportunities for transplanting, planting times may vary based on the tree selected. Lombard Park District will determine the best planting time to ensure proper growth and success of the tree. Early spring and autumn are most commonly optimal for planting.

Please note: in the event of a Memorial Gift Tree dying within the first two years of its planting, the Lombard Park District will replace it. After two years, Memorial Gift Trees will only be replaced if a request is made by the person making the original donation. If for any reason the District must remove a healthy tree, the tree will be replanted in another location.

In order to apply for a gift tree, patrons must complete the following Memorial Gift Tree form either online or in-person. Memorial Gift Tree paper forms are available at the Administrative Offices located at 227 W. Parkside Avenue. For more information regarding Memorial Gift Trees, please contact Jane Burke at