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Have you ever thought about working in the field of Parks and Recreation? There are many disciplines that a recreation agency needs to operate. Many agencies, like the Lombard Park District, function much like any other business and need to fill roles in the following areas:

Customer Service, Early Childhood, Facility Management, Finance, Fitness, Fleet, Food and Beverage, Golf, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Park Maintenance, Planning and Development, and Recreation

Are you a good fit for Parks and Rec?

There are a lot of opportunities to pursue your career interests at a Parks and Recreation agency, and you don’t need a degree specific to the recreation field. Successful parks and recreation employees are passionate about many of the following aspects:

Outdoors, nature, environment, enjoying an active lifestyle, highly collaborative, team-based work environment, role that requires problem-solving, ability to make a positive impact, opportunities to drive continuous improvement of the work environment, and ability to work for and serve the good of a community.

Do I need a college degree?

Many careers at the Lombard Park District do not require a college degree and offer on-the-job training and certification opportunities to help staff grow personally and professionally. The best way to learn more about opportunities is to view Lombard Park District’s employment opportunities at

Benefits of working in the Parks and Recreation field:

  • Social Equity
  • Health + Wellness
  • Advancing environment conservation efforts
  • Sense of community
  • Flexible schedule
  • Discounted programs and facility rentals
  • Free facility usage (golf course, fitness center, aquatic center)
  • Cool swag!


Enjoy Life, Enjoy Work

What makes Lombard Park District a great place to work? According to our staff, there are many reasons:

“The Lombard Park District staff all work incredibly well together, making it a fun workplace. Staff are willing to step in when assistance is needed and make the result of any project the best it can be.” —Nicole Kondraschow, Marketing and Communications Manager

“Working at Lombard Park District is fun and, at the same time, rewarding. I can use my skillset to give back to the community while working with some wonderful people.” —Jessica Ramirez, Director of Finance and Personnel

“A career in Parks and Recreation is rewarding because you are contributing to the well-being of the community you serve. If you are someone who needs your job/career to hold value (other than just a paycheck), then Parks and Recreation fits that bill. I never wake up dreading going to work because I know that even if it’s just one person that I help that day, the ripple effect outwards into the community has long-lasting effects.”–Katie Manheim, Program Manager

“The Lombard Park District is a great place to work because I know my work creates lifelong memories for people of all ages. The facilities and programs we offer people become safe spaces for them and allow them to enjoy life.” —Robert Perez, Facility Manager

“Super friendly and welcoming environment and everyone’s always willing to help each other out.” —Allie Corcoran, Graphic Designer