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Illinois Shotokan Karate Club Classes

(Ages 4+)
Illinois Shotokan Karate Club is Chicagoland’s premier karate school taught by John DiPasquale, a four-time National Champion, US National Coach and President of the US National Karate Federation. ISKC’s karate classes help develop flexibility, strength, and coordination in fun, yet disciplined activities.

Sullivan’s School of Karate

(Ages 4-14)
Sensei Matt is a 3rd degree black belt who teaches the traditional style of Okinawa karate, and is designed for youths, teens, and adults. Uniforms can be purchased through the instructor, $30 for youth and $35 for adults. Parents can participate with their enrolled children for no additional charge.


(Ages 4+)
Taekwondo is a 2,000 year old martial arts offering benefits for people of all ages and physical abilities. Classes are taught by Grand Master Ki Hong Kim from Oriental Arts Training Center. Programs offered are Little Dragons, Early Taekwondo, Youth Taekwondo, Parent/Child Tawkwondo and Adult Taekwondo.

Tai Chi Chuan

(Ages 13+)
Through practice, your mind can achieve a stillness and clarity rarely experienced with other forms of exercise, integrating your body, mind and spirit and helping you to achieve inner peace. Practice strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure, stress and releases tension allowing a feeling of positive energy to flow through your body.

Martial Arts for Ages 4 & Up

Lombard Park District offers a variety of martial arts classes. Participants ages 4+ will improve physical fitness, coordination, self-confidence and their skills in any of our martial arts programming. Classes include Taekwondo, karate, fencing and self-defense.

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