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Inclusion Services

Lombard Park District does not discriminate against eligible residents wanting to participate in programs on the basis of disabling conditions. The District has a Code of Conduct which applies to the ADA compliance issue. Registrants with a special need or accommodation should contact the appropriate program manager upon registering so that we may fulfill these needs.

In addition, the park district provides other specialized services through NEDSRA, the Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association. For more information, please call (630) 620-4500.

Inclusion provides opportunities for individuals with and without special needs to experience recreation together at the Lombard Park District. Inclusion looks at the needs, interests and abilities of the individuals instead of focusing on their special needs. Inclusion supports the process of preparing, learning, experiencing and growing for each individual, family and staff member.  Inclusion provides a recreational choice. The Lombard Park District strongly supports inclusion. In partnership with our Special Recreation Association, NEDSRA accommodations are provided to ensure successful participation in all programs.  Complete the below Inclusion Services Form and a staff member from the Park District/NEDSRA will contact you prior to the start of the program.

Enjoy wonderful community outings, social events, and meeting new people with a little extra assistance from the Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association. NEDSRA is a partner in service with the Lombard Park District that offers year-round recreation to adults with disabilities. Door to door transportation is offered for many programs. Various adaptive equipment is also available for use. For more information regarding NEDSRA programs, please contact Colleen Cline at (630) 620-4500 x 4038 or click below to explore the seasonal brochure.