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Memorial Gift Brick

Interested in recognizing an organization you are grateful for, thanking an individual who gave a helping hand, honoring a life that has passed or commemorating a special date or occasion? Lombard Park District offers custom-engraved Memorial Gift Bricks in historic Lilacia Park. Celebrating a wedding in Lilacia Park? Commemorate the occasion with a Memorial Gift Brick. Pairing Memorial Gift Bricks in conjunction with Memorial Gift Trees is one of our most popular options.

Please note: Memorial Gift Bricks may be placed at the base of a purchased Memorial Gift Tree with prior Lombard Park District approval. The District only allows bricks purchased through the program. Lombard Park District will install the bricks but not be deemed responsible for any loss or damages.

Brick Options & Pricing

4″ x 8″ Brick: $100

8″ x 8″ Brick: $200

12″ x 12″ Brick: $300

In order to apply for a gift brick, patrons must complete the following Memorial Gift Brick form either online or in-person. Memorial Gift Brick paper forms are available at the Administrative Offices located at 227 W. Parkside Avenue. For more information regarding Memorial Gift Bricks, please contact Leah Touzios at