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On May 23rd at the Board of Park Commissioners meeting, Pete Nolan (left) and Bob Bachner (right) were congratulated and took the Oath of Office as reelected Board of Park Commissioners. Elections were also held that same night for President Dave Kundrot and Vice-President Mike Kuderna that went uncontested. Dave Kundrot went on to thank Pete Nolan for his work as President from May 24, 2016 – May 23, 2017.

During President Nolan’s term, the Board of Park Commissioners and the Lombard Park District were able to accomplish a number of agency goals including:

  • Arranging an agreement with Glen Ellyn Park District for Lombard Park District residents to use the Spring Avenue Dog Park
  • Receiving CAPRA Accreditation awarded by the National Recreation and Park Association
  • Negotiating a successful land swap with School District 44 for the new recreation center at Madison Meadow
  • Successfully bidding for the new recreation center at Madison Meadow
  • Successfully processing the budget and receiving the GFOA Distinguished Budgeting Award
  • Selection as a Gold Medal Finalist, the highest honor to be received by NRPA

The Lombard Park District is looking to continue on the path of achievement with the utmost confidence in the new Board of Park Commissioners.